Official Jessie Alexander Blog

02-09-07 Norwich, England 10h07

Only a day or so has passed since Berlin, but somehow it feels so much longer. We finished our mainland Europe tour at the lovely Kamp club in Bielefeld (D). The backstage had cable television, which allowed us to witness a few minutes of the mtv america award show...laughable man...laughable. So, we woke up very early yesterday to catch the ferry from Hook of Holland to Harwich, and had to wait around til 16h to catch a much cheaper ferry. Note: a four hour boat ride goes by quite quickly if you score tickets to Pirates of The Caribbean in their cinema. After landing we were a bit worried, as our driver Tomas didn't have a proper work permit, which the UK usually checks for. Seeing as how it is the end of holiday season, and tourists are everywhere, we slipped right by without even having to cook up a story. So, we arrived very late to Norwich, and held up our new tour mates Nathaniel Green a little (they had to wait for our fender rhodes which we promised they could borrow). Norwich is going to be so hard to top for this UK tour, as the people were so enthusiastic and fun. We caught up with old friends from Kaito, and had an all around blast with the packed and very sweaty gig. We have a bit of a drive to Liverpool today, so I should probably be going now to meet mft educator...cheers.

23-8-07 Fulda, Deutschland 12h52

Things have been going so well lately, we have been celebrating every night with too much drinking and I thought why not Buy levitra and give my wife a good night in bed. I must say monster was one of the best german shows we've done in recent memory. Also, cheers go out to Aachen and Fulda for really great shows. Yesterday was my birthday (25 and starting to bald...ha), and we celebrated til the wee hours of the night. I am always amazed with the hospitality here in Germany for concerts (and endless beer supply is easier than finding water without gas). The Fulda gig was in a lovely arts center building, and a wine tasting party was going on in the courtyard outside the venue. The atmosphere of everything made me wish I was turning 65 and sipping on wine in this lovely little town. Anyhow, today is Monchen, and that is sort of a home away from home, as we have a lot of friends there. It doesn't look like high spirits will dwindle anytime soon. There really are a lot more things that have happened in the last few days, but touring destroys short term memory skills, so I wish I could recall more. Wien and Praha are in the near future!